1. 480/70R28 Alliance FARMPRO 845 140A8/140B TL

  2. size icon 480/70R28
  3. pattern icon 845
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New generation radial flotation tyre engineered for applications like balers, grain wagons, cultivators, fast moving small agricultural trailers, wagons, grassland trailers etc. Higher load capacity and working speeds. Superior distribution of pressure on the surface. High crown radius provides maximum footprint area which adds to the flotation characteristic. Larger lug contact area at the tire center line enables smooth and comfortable run on the road. Rounded shoulders cause least possible damage of soil and plants. Lower rolling resistance enhances fuel efficiency of prime movers. High wear resistive tread compound. A strong bead bundle, with extra thick reinforced sidewall and a high turn up of plies around bead ensure excellent stability and protection against external damages.


  • SKU - STCODE 4807028RALR1A
  • Brand Alliance Tyres
  • Application REAR WHEEL TRACTOR
  • Section & Profile 480/70
  • Rim 28
  • Pattern 845
  • Construction Radial
  • Tyre Size 480/70R28
  • Load / Speed Index 140A8/140B
  • TT / TL TL
  • Recommended Rim W15L
  • Section Width (MM) 479
  • Overall Diameter (MM) 1415
  • Static Loaded Radius (MM) 640
  • Rolling Circumference (MM) 4174