1. 30.5L32 Alliance 349 12PR TL

  2. size icon 30.5L32
  3. pattern icon 349
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The Alliance 349 Yield Master is constructed with robust nylon casing and a strong bead to guard the tyre against mechanical failures under tough working environment. This is a premium bias R-1 harvester tyre. The 23° Lug angle enables high overall traction and even wear. This saves time and fuel in the field. The close lug spacing of the tyre reduces vibration. The tyre’s long tread bar tread design leads to even wear of tyre and enables more grip and better ground contact.


  • SKU - STCODE 30532X12ALR1
  • Brand Alliance Tyres
  • Application REAR WHEEL TRACTOR
  • Section & Profile 30.5
  • Rim 32
  • Pattern 349
  • Construction Crossply
  • Tyre Size 30.5L32
  • Ply Rating 12
  • TT / TL TL
  • Recommended Rim DW27A
  • Section Width (MM) 775
  • Overall Diameter (MM) 1845
  • Static Loaded Radius (MM) 827
  • Rolling Circumference (MM) 5421