Choosing the right truck tyres can be difficult, especially having to take into consideration many variables, such as vehicle speed and handling. Also, an incorrect choice of tyres can mean less traction when needed. So, what do you have to consider when buying truck and lorry tyres? First of all, you have to determine and choose the right truck tyre size: you can find this information in three different places: in the vehicle manual, on the sticker inside the door and, of course, on the tyres themselves. After choosing the tyre size, you should look at two more features: performance on the road and safety. The tyres must adapt appropriately to the type of terrain and weather conditions that the truck will encounter most often. So the right truck tyres should be specific to the type of environment, whether hot or cold, wet or dry. Also, remember to always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and only fit tyres which meant for your truck.