The Trelleborg brand has existed for more than 100 years and today Trelleborg is well-known in a range of different market segments. The brand summarizes our promise and offering – innovative and reliable solutions that seal, damp and protect in demanding environments.

Our promise, based on our vision, business concept and core values, is created and maintained by everything that we do, by each employee, every day.

In Trelleborg’s brand strategy, Trelleborg is the master brand for the entire Group, supplemented with subsidiaries’ brands, which are targeted to specific customer segments.

The aim of the strategy is also to strengthen the Trelleborg brand globally, to take advantage of synergies and to maximize the impact of our operations. In this manner, we drive long-term and profitable growth.

In the past year, the focus on the Trelleborg brand has been further strengthened through activities, such as rationalizing the brand portfolio and enhancing emphasis on harmonizing all global communication.

The Trelleborg brand and our strategic and tactical daughter brands are all important assets. The Trelleborg brand represents the entire corporation and reflects our heritage, principles, values, culture, people and strategy.

The most important brand in strategic terms is Trelleborg. At the same time, our brand strategy creates possibilities for daughter brands and gives them the freedom to develop.This is the reason for our choice of a mother and daughter brand strategy, established in the Trelleborg brand strategy, brand policy and trademark policy. Our overall objective is to maximize brand efficiency within the Trelleborg Group through synergies between corporate and daughter brands.