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Alliance Tyres

Established in Israel in 1950, this renowned brand has a strong belief in the principle of Tyre Technology in Motion. As a result, in spite of the varied product range of over 1,000 specialized items, each product is carefully engineered keeping the latest technology in mind.

Alliance is the market leader in Row Crop and a pioneer in Flotation tyres. Alliance also boasts a very comprehensive lineup of tyres for tractors, sprayers and spreaders. It offers the widest range in terms of prices, sizes and patterns, which are available for varied applications like industries and machines. The primary application of Row Crop tyres is for agricultural machines such as Row Crop tractors, towed sprayers and self-propelled sprayers. The tyres are designed to operate in the fields between rows of crops without damaging the crops.

Also, these large diameter tyres exert low ground pressure to reduce soil compaction and prevent damages to the roots of crops/ plants. Flotation tyres can be used on a range of vehicles, from light-duty tractors and equipments, used on grass and turf, to heavy-duty agricultural and industrial haulage. These tyres have a wide surface area and, as a result, they don’t damage the surface, be it agricultural fields, grass and turf or other sensitive terrain.

By far, Alliance is the default choice for many Row Crop machines / equipment and OEM manufacturers worldwide and the brand of choice in the aftermarket. The A-350 pattern of Row Crop Narrow Radial is a high performance tyre providing superior functionality and load-carrying capacity without damaging the soil and crops.

It also offers the widest range of flotation tyres and is the global market leader in this segment. The flotation tyres cover the entyre spectrum of requirements, from light-duty machinery, like balers and light trailers, to seriously heavy-duty applications, like construction and forestry, apart from having wide-ranging use in agriculture. Their latest range of flotation tyres has shown results regarding on and off-road applications. This range will be very popular amongst agri-product and essential utility transporters.

Alliance is also a pioneer and leading player in the Tractor Radial tyre segment, where it offers tyres ranging from compact turf tractors to all-wheel drive high horsepower behemoths, used for rigorous agricultural duties. The Alliance range of radial tyres is popular with leading OEMs and the after-market.

In recent years, Alliance has introduced complete lineup of tyres for forestry machines, compact construction equipment and tractors used in municipal and other such on and off-road applications.