1. 315/80R22.5 Alliance 528 154A8 TL

  2. size icon 315/80R22.5
  3. pattern icon 528
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The new Alliance Dual Master 528 series represents an innovative approach to dual excavator’s tyre configuration. The tyres’ special sidewall construction enables close contact between two tyres excluding necessity to mount a special rubber ring in order to prevent stones penetration between the tyres. Radial tyre construction enables longer tread life time, more comfortable run, lower fuel consumption and an overall productivity increase of machine. Strong all steel carcass provides more machine stability, the best puncture protection and re-treadibility of the tyres. The new 528 tread pattern belongs to the moderate traction pattern’s group, providing effective performances off and, especially, on the road applications. Shoulders lugs provide an efficient grip on the softer surfaces, more rubber around center line, smooth and stable behavior on the harder surfaces.


  • SKU - STCODE 31580225RALPM
  • Brand Alliance Tyres
  • Application PLANT
  • Section & Profile 315/80
  • Rim 22.5
  • Pattern 528
  • Construction Radial
  • Fabrication ALL STEEL
  • Tyre Size 315/80R22.5
  • Load / Speed Index 154A8
  • TT / TL TL
  • Recommended Rim 9
  • Section Width (MM) 330
  • Overall Diameter (MM) 1100
  • Static Loaded Radius (MM) 512
  • Rolling Circumference (MM) 3371