30.5L-32 BKT TR 137 162A6/158A8 12PR TL

  1. 30.5L-32 BKT TR 137 162A6/158A8 12PR TL

  2. size icon 30.5L-32
  3. pattern icon TR 137
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TR 137 is BKT's most suitable tyre for all harvesting operations. It ensures high flotation capability along with low soil compaction and excellent traction in the field. The tyre is available in different versions: the “aramid-belted” version provides better puncture resistance and protection against all typical damages of this application; the “HD” version is for high load capacity to improve today’s farmers’ requirements in terms of productivity. 


  • SKU - STCODE 30532X12BKRV
  • Brand BKT Tyres
  • Application REAR WHEEL TRACTOR
  • Section & Profile 30.5L
  • Rim 32
  • Pattern TR 137
  • Construction Crossply
  • Tyre Size 30.5L-32
  • Ply Rating 12
  • Load / Speed Index 162A6/158A8
  • TT / TL TL
  • Recommended Rim DH 27 B
  • Section Width (MM) 770
  • Overall Diameter (MM) 1865
  • Static Loaded Radius (MM) 831
  • Rolling Circumference (MM) 5520